Palit RTX 2060 GamingPro Gpu Backplate (Layout 2)

Reference: CZBKN0685

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Fixing Method

Our Gpu Backplates are of the Highest Quality, and considered by many the best in the world. All logos and text on our backplates are UV printed, which means they are printed directly on the surface of the backplate.


We recently made some changes to our Gpu Backplates and now have two fixing methods to choose from. Screws and Magnets, because we want to give You the power to decide how you will fix the backplate to your card.


Our Gpu Backplates are customizable, so you can change any of the following parts if you like, at no extra cost:


- Backplate main body color (sometimes customers prefer to have them in white)


- The Palit Logo Colors


- The Stripes Colors


- The "RTX" Text Color


- The Model Number "2060" Text Color


*** Please keep in mind that customization of the backplate will add a lead time of 1~2 business days ***


Backplate compatibility:
Model name: 

Palit RTX 2060 GamingPro

Palit RTX 2060 GamingPro OC


Part Numbers: 




By default our backplates are only compatible with the stock cooler. If you require a backplate compatible with a gpu waterblock, please add a note on the "Customization Notes" field above.


Backplates are made with 3mm Matt Black Plexiglass.


Package includes: Backplate and mouting mechanism (either screws and spacers or magnets, depending on your choice)



Frequently Asked Questions:


Will it prevent sag?

- No, it will not. For that specific purpose we have our gpu braces / supports.


Is it hard to assemble?
- No. If you chose magnets, you only have to power down your system, place the backplate over your card and power the system back up.

- If you chose screws, you will need to remove the card from your case and fix the backplate to the card. shouldn't take you more than 5~10 minutes to do it.


Will it be necessary to remove the Stock Cooler?
- With magnets - NO
- With Screws - NO. But you will need to remove 6 of the stock screws and replace them with the ones we provide in the package.


Does it include screws / magnets needed to assemble the backplate?
- Yes it includes all the necessary mounting hardware to fix the backplate on your card, based on the option you chose (screws or magnets). The magnetic version is supplied with magnets pre-installed.

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