Spec-Alpha Psu Shroud (Long)

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Based on a custom request, we now have psu shrouds for this nice case. hope you enjoy it :)


With this part you get a much simpler installation and a much faster ability to connect or disconnect your psu cables. It will also look much cleaner.


Long Version: Will cover all the bottom compartment of the case. You can choose to have a cut-out on the front for a bottom 120mm fan or not.

Please keep in mind that by default the cut for the fans is only made for 25mm thick fans. if you wish to use a 3x120 radiator or AIO please notify us so we can widen the cut-out


This version has a rectangular cut-out for pci-e cable routing.


If you'd like to order a shroud without the rectangular cut, simply order this version and add a note during checkout, requesting that change.


Made with 3mm matt black plexi. Can be made in other colors by request.


Package includes: Psu Shroud.

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