SilverStone TJ07 Lightbox (Atx)

Reference: CZ-TJ07-025
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Lightbox is as the name indicates, a "box" of light designed to illuminate your hardware from the midplate level towards the top of the case.


Our lightboxes are not sealed, which means that you want to drill holes to route tubes through it, you can do it plate by plate, this way avoind damaging the lightbox.


Our lightbxes are by far the best on the market and have a lot of exclusive features:

- Cnc Machined from a solid 15mm plexi plate.

- Lightbox outter shell is black, which will look better inside your the case.

- Has an led strip that goes all arround the lightbox instead of a single stripe on the motherboard tray side, so they are brigther and the light is more even.

- There no light leakage from the bottom.

- Contours are much smoother. There are no sharp edges or glue lines, where you can see the "separation line" of the parts glued together.

- Strutural rigity is far superior to glued lightboxes, as the structure made from a single peace.

- Dimensions more precise.

- Two Led colors to choose from. White or Addressable RGB. Rgb Version includes a controller with remote control.


Compatible with ATX orientation only.


Total Thickness: 12mm

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1 Review

Lovely bit of kit

Build quality is fantastic, perfect even lighting from edge to edge.

Chris Cox, 30/01/2019

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