SSD Cover Razer

    SSD Cover Razer

    Reference: CZ-SSD030

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    New revision now has brushed texture on the surface of the cover for a more premium look and feel. (check examples below)


    Like many of our products, these Ssd covers are UV printed, which is a high-end process in which the images/logos/text are printed directly on the surface of the backplate. This technique will give you the best quality possible that simply cannot be reproduced with inlaying or dual layered Ssd covers.


    Our covers are made with 3mm plexiglass, either matte black or matte white, and are thin enough to be compatible with pretty much all mounting positions. They are fixed to the top surface of your drive to cover the ugly manufacturers stickers.


    They are fixed to the drives with double sided tape, which is supplied pre-installed on the cover.

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