PNY RTX2080Ti Backplate
My pc now looks clean and complete with my new backplate to cover over the GPU circuit board look! lol Great job....highly recommended....fast delivery to Canada at a reasonable rate!
  • Submitted By: BILL
  • Submitted Date: 21 February 2021
Corsair 750D Psu Shroud (Short)
Amazing workmanship. The finished project is A+. The fitting in my case is spot on. My computer looks amazing now. Ricardo Gomes and ColdZero did an excellent job for me shipping this all the way to Florida, USA where I live. I highly recommend.
  • Submitted By: Jonathan
  • Submitted Date: 02 February 2021
Wow, just wow!
Can't belive how good these guys work is. Custom CM Storm Scout PSU Cover. Can't recommend enough.
  • Submitted By: Christopher
  • Submitted Date: 08 January 2021
GPU backplate for Zotac 1660 Super Twin
Really pleased with my backplate. It looks fantastic, arrived within a week of ordering and was pretty simple to fit with the provided screws. Also got excellent customer support, accommodating a last minute colour change, Highly recommended.
  • Submitted By: Andrew
  • Submitted Date: 30 November 2020
Custom HDD Cover ROG and some more piece
The materials and colors are great, quality and the shipping was very fast
  • Submitted By: Davide
  • Submitted Date: 28 November 2020
Custom HDD Plates
I asked the guys at coldzero to help me out with a custom build I was doing. They were extremely helpful and shipped a very high-quality product very quickly. Couldnt have asked for more. Regards Ronan
  • Submitted By: Ronan
  • Submitted Date: 05 October 2020
Be quiet Silent Base 800 Psu Shroud
The shroud fitted perfectly was what was lacking in the case. Cant recommend enough.
  • Submitted By: Luke
  • Submitted Date: 12 September 2020
MSI RX580 backplate
I was amazed at the quality of the backplate, definitely 5 STAR workmanship. I would recommend anyone. The shipping was super fast as well I got in 7 days from Portugal to Canada. Thanks KingpinOZ996
  • Submitted By: Eric
  • Submitted Date: 17 August 2020
750D Full Motherboard Tray+PSU shroud
Coldzero products are very high quality, excellent support via email! Arrived very fast and carefully packaged. Really pleased with the result, installation straightforward! https://i.imgur.com/cpiV1M2.jpg
  • Submitted By: STAVROS
  • Submitted Date: 23 July 2020
RGB HDD Cover (Rog+Republic 3D)
High quality build and smooth argb transitions with no color bleed.
  • Submitted By: Damaris
  • Submitted Date: 23 July 2020
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