Delighted Corsair 1000D Customer in USA
Purchased the Corsair Obsidian 1000D custom PSU shroud and ITX PSU cover. DELIGHTED with the craftsmanship, material quality, form, fit and finish of the mods. ColdZero (Ricardo) responds very quickly to all my questions. The ColdZero mods arrived at my doorstep in Alabama, USA very quickly and were exceptionally well packaged. GREAT EXPERIENCE! I HIGHLY recommend COLDZERO case mods and will certainly be purchasing more items from them. S. Stevenson / Alabama, USA - stevesls@yahoo.com
  • Submitted By: Scott
  • Submitted Date: 06 January 2022
  • Submitted By: luis
  • Submitted Date: 30 December 2021
Muy buena Calidad
Buen acabado haciendo la caja muy fresca,al menos de 8 a 10 grados para la cpu ,color mate en mi caso que es casi igual al de la caja viene con imanes muy bien colocados para que encaje perfecto
  • Submitted By: javier
  • Submitted Date: 27 December 2021
Does the job!
I was in need of a new front case panel to correct the airflow of my H210 case (which has a solid big and chunky panel) and bought a new one from this site. It looks good and gets the job done.
  • Submitted By: Patryk
  • Submitted Date: 30 November 2021
Exceptional quality
The quality is exceptional, and the details are perfect. The packaging was also quite clever to perfectly protect the backplate during shipping. I'm a happy customer and will definitely come back for more !
  • Submitted By: Jonás
  • Submitted Date: 29 September 2021
nzxt 710i
recieved 710i front and top in excellent condition and great product.
  • Submitted By: kevin
  • Submitted Date: 20 September 2021
NZXT H710 Front and Top panels!
Excellent build quality, the panels are magnetic which makes it very easy to install and remove, improved airflow considerably, temperatures lowered 10ºC in the coolant. Bought the Hexx pattern.
  • Submitted By: João
  • Submitted Date: 17 September 2021
Asus 1070 Dual Backplate
Ordered a Customized Backplate for my 1070. Very happy ! Everything as i asked for. Very fast shipping. Can only recommend this shop, thank you :)
  • Submitted By: Daniel
  • Submitted Date: 09 September 2021
Must have for the H710i
Temps reduced ranging from 8c to 14c on the CPU and more like 5 on the GPU.
  • Submitted By: Omar
  • Submitted Date: 05 September 2021
H710i Mayan Top and Front Panel
Super fast shipping and I'm just thrilled by the look of my case now. Also huge temperatur drop on the Radiators duo to the increased airflow. 10/10 would always recommend! You guys should build your own cases :D
  • Submitted By: Stefan
  • Submitted Date: 10 August 2021