PSU Shroud for Corsair Spec-04
Just received and installed my custom PSU shroud for my Corsair Spec-04 case. Beautiful product, high quality and fits my customization request precisely. Really happy with this purchase!
  • Submitted By: Ilia
  • Submitted Date: 08 October 2019
Custom backplate
Wow over the moon with my backplate can’t recommend coldzero highly enough & very quick postage 1 week to the uk , don’t hesitate you won’t regret it
  • Submitted By: Ian
  • Submitted Date: 10 September 2019
Thermaltake Core V51 PSU Shroud
My PSU shroud looks great and fits in my case perfectly. My customisations were done exactly as requested - top quality work - Thank you!!
  • Submitted By: Graham
  • Submitted Date: 17 July 2019
Back for MSI Radeon RX 570
Great product that helps the overall look
  • Submitted By: Dennis
  • Submitted Date: 06 July 2019
Awesome stuff
Purchased an RGB backplate and ssd cover to match and was stoked with the quality of both items. i can definitely recommend these guys :D
  • Submitted By: Ricardo
  • Submitted Date: 29 June 2019
Lian-Li Pc-O11 Dynamic Lightbox RGB
I purchased a RGB Lightbox for my Lian-Li PC-011 Dynamic and this things looks absolutely fantastic. The fit and finish were way beyond my expectations and it hooked to Gigabyte Z390 Motherboard without any issues. Just Terrific.
  • Submitted By: George
  • Submitted Date: 26 February 2019
nice backplate
perfect plate for my gpu..nice one and +1 for that..will recommended to the others..thanks again
  • Submitted By: Sahril
  • Submitted Date: 16 February 2019
Amazing Backplate!
Can't say enough great things about the backplate. Quality is fantastic, the printing is great, and shipped to the Chicago suburbs in less than a week! Well done! I'm definitely sending business your way. I'm a very happy customer.
  • Submitted By: Tim B.
  • Submitted Date: 19 December 2018
Obsidian 750D Parts
The product quality is really good and it was easy to install, although I think it'd be nice to add a little manual for beginners. I'm going to use your products for all my future customization needs!
  • Submitted By: Matthias Hack
  • Submitted Date: 10 November 2018
I just ordered a psu shroud cover for the Corsair 570x, what I got was better than I expected! The cover was beautifully customized, all the screws were included and even a tool to screw them, and assembly was super easy! Im coming back!
  • Submitted By: A. Madeira
  • Submitted Date: 12 October 2018