ThermalTake View 37 MB Tray Cover

    ThermalTake View 37 MB Tray Cover

    Reference: CZ-TT-V37-04

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    We've fallen in love with this case and its build quality. And because of that, we decided to create a few parts to make it look even better.


    While the motherboard tray has a lot of different mounting options, it ends up being a victim of itself. It has far too many holes and cuts, which we think ruins the case internal looks and we're sure that for those who prefer a cleaner build, won't find that to be ideal either.


    So, for that purpose, we've created these new Motherboard Tray Covers. They will cover above psu shroud level to the top of the case. Like the Mb Tray covers for all other cases that also make, these allow you to have a flat clean surface with minimal openings across the whole motherboard tray, and will allow you to cover the front panel wires as well as all psu and fan cables.


    Made with 3mm Plexiglass. Can either be matte black or matte white.


    Package includes: Motherboard Tray Cover & Mounting Accessories.

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