ThermalTake View 71 Side Panel (Back Side) Hexx

    ThermalTake View 71 Side Panel (Back Side) Hexx

    Reference: CZ-TT-V71-04HX

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    We've fallen in love with this case and its build quality. And because of that, we decided to create a few parts to make it look even better. This newer version has hexx ventilation to allow better ventilation for the side radiator.


    We love tempered glass cases, but we all know they have a lot of drawbacks.


    Our Side Panels will allow you to be safe and not having to worry about them shattering and damaging your hardware or you cutting yourself, or even your children.


    These side panels will also allow you to cover the back side of your case, so you wont have all your cables visible.


    Made with 5mm Plexiglass. Can be made in either matte black or matte white.


    Package includes: Side Panel (Motherboard Side).


    Please note: Hinges are not included. You will have to remove them from the stock Side panel and install them on this panel.

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