800D Top Grill

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Grill for top of  the Corsair 700 & 800D


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Top Grill with dust filter for your 800 or 700D. Designed to fit on the top lowered center area and to require no modifications to the case.

The grill is made of two pieces. A laser cut grill and a rim (you can chose the color of the rim from a wide range of colors). If you ever change your case color scheme, and want the grill to match the rest of your project, you'll only need to buy a top rim.


Due to the wide variety of fans, radiators and assembly possibilities, screws are not included in the package.

For more pictures and live examples of these produtcs, check them out in our forum...

To get a clear view of the plexi colors, check this page...


Package includes:

- Hexx Grill

- Color Rim

- Two Washable dust filters

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