4000D Psu Shroud Cover (Custom Design)

    4000D Psu Shroud Cover (Custom Design)

    Reference: CZ-4000D-PSU02

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    How about adding some bling to your case? The area at the bottom of the case the glass is clearly underutilized, so we thought that it would be a great spot for an argb plate. This plate is compatible with all models of the 4000 series of cases. 4000D, 4000X and 4000D Airflow Edition.


    *** This version allows you to upload a custom image or logo to put on the plate ***


    As usual, we have a range of logos to put on this plate, but you can always use your own logo/image instead.


    Made with 6mm plexiglass. Fixed with magnets. Does not require any modifications to the case.

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