Smd Led Strip - Green

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Illuminate your computer.


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Designed to be compact, discrete, and good looking at the same time, our leds will light your case up in a very homogeneous way.


Product Characteristics:

- 100Cm / 39,37 Inches long

- 120 Leds/Meter

- Black Pcb

- Only 8mm wide and 2.5mm thick.

- 75cm long power cable.

- 12v Powered. Can be connected to any 3 pin fan connector on motherboard or fan controller.

- Black wires and 3pin fan connector.

- Supplied with 3M double sided tape.


Some of the advantages over cold cathodes are:

- Less Heat generated.

- Can be cut every 3 leds, in case you need a small strip of leds to illuminate a small corner of the case, or a waterblock.

- More versatile, you can cut them and solder them again to make turns arround the case.

- Better (more homogeneous) illumination of the case.

- More compact. Instead of giant and thick tubes that can't be split, bent or divided, you get very thin and maleable strips that can be adapted to every corner of your case.

- Directed illumination, you can chose where you want the light to go.

- No inverter box, which a pain to hide.

- Power cable is not limited to 30cm like the cold cathodes (if you make extensions for cathodes you'll lose power)

- Can be connected directly to the motherboard or to a fan controller.


Our Led Strips also have other advantages versus other led strip solutions:

- Very high led density, 120 pieces of 3528 Smd leds.

- Black Pcb, instead of the brownish one that comes with almost all led solutions you see on the market.

- Only 8mm wide and 2.5mm high, making them very compact and lightweight.

- Don't have dual insulation over them, which will only make them much heavier and curvy, specially on the end of the roll, which will make it dificult to glue or to remain glued to it's place.

- Allow tighter bends.

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