ThermalTake View 37 Psu Shroud (Long) Fullprint Image

    ThermalTake View 37 Psu Shroud (Long) Fullprint Image

    Reference: CZ-V37-02FP

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    With the purchase of our new UV printer, we gained the ability to make larger printed parts, and the ability to print and bend them afterwards. This means that we can now make shrouds with a printed image across the whole area of the shroud.


    Long Version: Will cover all the bottom compartment of the case. You can even add a cut-out for a front mounted radiator.


    By default the Psu Shroud doesn't have a cut-out for a front mounted radiator, because if you're only going to use fans, you don't need a cut-out for them, and also because there are so many radiators on the market with so many different thicknesses that would be impossible to make one cut-out for all the possibilities. So if you do require a cut-out for your radiator, add a simple note on the product customization, something like "add a cut-out for X brand & model radiator" and we'll take care of the rest. And the best part is, we don't charge you any extra for it.


    If you require one without the hole or even with a larger hole, just add a note on the "Customization Instructions" field above.


    Made with 3mm Matte White Plexiglass.


    There is enough room to fit the Vertical Gpu Mount Above the Psu Shroud


    Package includes: Power Supply Shroud and mounting accessories.

    *** The image shown is just an example. We'll make the shroud with the image you upload ***

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