Corsair 1000D Fan Tray

Reference: CZ-1000D-03

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As we explore this massive case, we are coming up with more parts for it. With our Trays you can choose how many fans you want. You can have 6x120 closer to bottom, centered on the tray or even closest to the top. You can also have 2x 200mm, 3x140 centered or offset to one side or even a spot for fixing a reservoir for example.


Our Trays can be used in both Positions. Top or Front.


Our Trays also allow wider radiators to be used. You can use up to 133mm wide radiators (vs only 130 of the stock Trays), which is ideal for Black Ice radiators. They also feature cable routing holes at the bottom (one for each column of fans) so that you can have all your fan cables tiddy in one single place. Since these trays can be removed, the routing holes will make the insertion of the trays back into their places much simpler because fans cables won't be in the way unlike what happens with the stock trays.


We know 25mm thick fans are the norm, but if you'd like to use 38mm fans, we can customize our trays to allow those fans at the front of the case.


Since this is for a corsair case, and everything will probably revolve around their eco-system of fans and controllers, our trays have special cut-outs to accomodate the rubber pads on the Corsair LL fans, so that they sit flush/flat on the tray. They also serve as a centering mechanism


Since our trays are thicker than the stock ones, you will need longer screws. we recomend you use 33~35mm long screws.


If you'd like to customize this tray with different fan configurations, just write the fan configuration you'd like to have on the "Customization Notes:" field above.


Made with 5mm matt black plexiglass. Can Also be made in matt white plexiglass instead at no extra cost.


Keep in mind that you will need to remove the stock metal brackets from the stock tray and screw them to our trays in order to install them to the case. The Metal brackets are not included in the package.

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