Lian-Li Pc-O11 WGX Lightbox

Reference: CZ-WGX-02
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A Lightbox as the name implies, is a "box" with leds inside that illuminates hardware from the bottom up.


Our Lightboxes are a combination of years of experience and evolutions, which have resulted in such a great product. We're very proud to be making what we consider to be the best lightboxes on the market.


Unlike other solutions, our products are made from a single solid plate of 10mm plexiglass which is then milled to create what we call the outter shell. It then receives the led strip and the reflector plate, which the part responsible for distributing the light evenly across the whole surface of the lightbox. This approach results in a much sturdier structure and a visual that doesn't have any glue lines, than would be otherwise impossible with a standard glued lightbox.


Our lightboxes use either 120Led / Meter Cold White or 60Led / Meter Addressable RGB led strips. RGB versions are supplied with an +5v Addressable RGB controller and remote control.


White Version is +12volt Powered and uses a 3 Pin Fan connector. The RGB Version is +5volt powered and uses a 3Pin RGB connector and +5v Addressable RGB LED Strip.


RGB Lightboxes are also compatible with Aura (+5v, D, Gnd) and similar technologies, to use it with any compatible motherboards, you will only need to use the included adapter cable.


Keep in mind that our lightboxes are not compatible with the older +12v headers. Don't use any 3 to 4 pin adapters or you will damage the led strip.


Lightbox thickness is 13mm.

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