RGB SSD Cover (Gigabyte v3)

    RGB SSD Cover (Gigabyte v3)

    Reference: CZ-SSDRGB-59

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    Customize your ssd with our awesome RGB covers and make your build really standout. We decided to create more versions after the first custom ones became so popular. We've also added more options to them, so it's now possible to select the background color (black or white) as well as the orientation (horizontal or vertical). By default, light shines through the logos as well as the edge, but if you'd like to have light shinning only from the edge, we can do that too.


    Our Rgb (or better yet aRgb) SSD Covers use a 5v Addressable RGB (aRGB) Led Strip, which means they can be connected to an "Aura Sync" and similar motherboard headers (The Ones Labeled "5v, D, Gnd"). It's also possible to connect them to a standalone addressable RGB controller you might already have. If you don't have any of the above, don't worry, we can supply the covers with an appropriate controller too. Covers are not compatible with +12v headers, So don't use any adapters to connect them to one of those headers. Doing so will damage the led strip.


    Please Note: The White background versions show the logos with a black border, but that is just for visualization, so you can see the size and location of the logo. The final product will have its whole surface white.


    To fix them to your drive, you only need to peel off the included double sided tape and glue it.


    Default wire location for each orientation:




    Check out this short video on how to install our Rgb Ssd Covers:


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