SilverStone TJ07 5.25" Side Cover (Right)

Reference: CZ-TJ07-24

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Because the original window is a bit long, part of the 5.25" bays show through it, which doesn't look very good. So we decided to create these covers to hide the side of the 5.25" bays to keep things more discreet.


The plate comes bundled with two supports to fix the plate in place. it's very simple and fast to remove, should you require to access the screws of any cd-rom of fan controller. They will also allow you to use them on an empty bay or a used one.


The plate ships with all screws and nuts necessary to assemble the plate on any situations described previously.


Right Side Plate is the window side in Inverted ATX Orientation.


Package includes: Side Cover and mounting accessories.

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