Smd Led Strip (5v aRGB) Addressable (30 Leds/Meter)

    Smd Led Strip (5v aRGB) Addressable (30 Leds/Meter)

    Reference: CZ-LED-08


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    New RGB Version of our Led Strips. These are digital, also called Addressable, which means you can have different colors/effects for each individual Led.


    Product Characteristics:

    - 1Meter long / 30 Leds

    - Black Pcb with Silicone protection.

    - 10mm wide and 2.5mm thick.

    - 75cm long power cable.

    - 5v Powered.

    - Supplied with 3M double sided tape.

    - 9W/Meter (1.8Amp @ 5v)

    - aRGB Controller NOT included.


    There are a few connectors to Choose From:

    - Standard aRGB Connector (to use with standard aRGB Controllers with remote control)

    - aRGB Header Connector (Aura Sync, Msi Mystic, Gigabyte Fusion, Asrock Polychrome, etc)

    - Corsair iCue

    - Nzxt

    - Thermaltake aRGB

    - Aquacomputer

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