Palit 1080 Super JetStream Gpu Backplate (Layout 1)

    Palit 1080 Super JetStream Gpu Backplate (Layout 1)

    Reference: CZBKN0166

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    If you're looking for a high quality backplate for your Palit 1080 Super JetStream graphics card, you've come to the right place :)


    The backplate shown is the default layout, but you can change the colors or remove any of the elements bellow, at no extra cost:

    - Backplate main body color (sometimes customers prefer to have it in White)

    - Keep or remove the small ventilation holes

    - The Palit Logo Colors

    - The "Kaze" Symbol Color (in the center)

    - The Model Number "1080" Text Color

    - The "Super JetStream" Text Color


    Backplate compatibility:
    Model name: Palit 1080 Super JetStream.


    By default our backplates are only compatible with the stock cooler. If you require a backplate compatible with a gpu waterblock, please add a note on the "Customization Notes" field above.


    Backplates are made with 3mm Matt Black Plexiglass.


    Package includes: Backplate and mounting mechanism (either screws and spacers or magnets, depending on your choice)


    Check out this page for more info: Gpu Backplate F.A.Q

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